About Us

IR2Dx, Inc. is dedicated to bringing personalized medicine to the field of metabolic control, using precision diagnostics and analysis to enable physicians, health providers and payers to optimize care for their patients.
Our clinical decision support tools, such as our TIGAR™ Report, have key information to enable personalized regimens that simultaneously control glucose levels and treat the underlying drivers of an individual patient’s impaired metabolic control or diabetes.

We have developed the first multi-marker diagnostic algorithm focusing on underlying pathways interaction with anti-diabetic drug classes in the metabolic area. By focusing on disease driven pathways, our experts can guide alternatives for personalized treatment of patients at all stages of disease. Optimal treatment can control blood glucose and manage diabetes, and at the same time reduce incidence or progression of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Other associated and linked diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease may also be diminished. Thus our mission is about making an impact on much more than diabetes; it includes the many complications and linked conditions associated with poor metabolic control, affecting the health of millions of people.

IR2Dx’s precision analytical reporting system equips a physician with better information for early detection and classification of disease, and provides the first highly effective tools to assist a physician in guiding treatment. Our report enables a clinician to:

  • Detect, classify and stage their patient’s abnormal metabolic function

  • Link this information to appropriate drug mechanisms, and thus recommended drug classes

  • Quickly demonstrate that the drug and dose are appropriate for the individual patient

  • Monitor their patient’s therapeutic progress – resulting in personalized therapy

While traditional tests like blood glucose or HbA1c are important elements for monitoring and managing metabolic health, and are included in our analysis, our area of interest is at a deeper level of analysis and action. IR2Dx’s TIGAR™ Report results can guide effective personalized therapy to simultaneously manage daily glucose control and long term metabolic pathway control using existing and future drugs. This has been shown to reduce HbA1c levels, which in turn should result in longer, more fulfilling quality of life for hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and reduced health care costs for patients and payers from chronic disease. Third parties’ studies of the cost impact of better anti-diabetic agents tailored to the patient indicate that large, short term savings are possible, tied to improvement in the health of the patients.

IR2Dx’s executive team has decades of experience in this industry. Our clinical advisors are top experts in the field of diabetes. The company, which was founded in 2008, is privately held and is headquartered in Moraga, CA.