Harry Rittenhouse, Ph.D.

Harry Rittenhouse, PhD, is Director of Assay Development, and joined us in 2012.  He started his corporate career as a research scientist at Abbott Diagnostics, and focused his 11 years there in cancer research and immunoassay development.  He then became head of In Vitro Diagnostics Cancer Research for Specialty Laboratories in California, leading scientists bringing in new specialty clinical tests and developing strategy for new test and licensing opportunities.  Dr. Rittenhouse subsequently worked at Hybritech for six years as the head of In Vitro Diagnostics Cancer Research, spearheading the collaboration between Hybritech and the SRL reference lab in Japan.  Together he and SRL developed the PSA testing algorithm in Japan and the marketing of SRL for PSA and Free PSA.  Following the acquisition of Hybritech by Beckman Coulter, Dr. Rittenhouse worked as Senior Staff Scientist, Cancer Research.  During his nearly seven year tenure, he led his research team to identify for the first time components of free PSA for more specific detection of aggressive prostate cancer and a molecular form of free PSA, BPH PSA, which has the potential to aid in the management of clinical BPH.  He was an inventor for several issued patents.  Dr. Rittenhouse then joined Gen-Probe and became Senior Director, Cancer Program, developing their strategy for oncology, and focusing on PCA3 and other prostate cancer management tests.  During his seven years there, he led his research team for molecular diagnostic measurement of cancer genes, to detect cancer cells directly in biological fluids.  They eventually received FDA approval for the leading novel molecular urine test for prostate cancer, utilizing the over-expression of the PCA3 gene in prostate cancer. Dr. Rittenhouse is a worldwide authority on prostate cancer testing and has written numerous publications.

Dr. Rittenhouse earned a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, and a Ph.D in Biochemistry from Washington State University.