Alex McPherson M.D., Ph.D

Dr. Alex McPherson joined the IR2Dx Board of Directors in April 2012. He served as President and CEO of Biomira, Inc. from October of 1991 until his retirement in May 2006. He joined the Board of Directors of Biomira in 1987, and was later appointed as CEO. He has served as a professor for 25 years at the University of Alberta (Canada) and is currently Professor Emeritus. Dr. McPherson was the Director of Medicine at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton from 1972-1985, and the Deputy Minister of Health in Alberta, the highest appointed position in the Provincial Department of Health with 2,500 employees and a budget of over $5 billion. He also served as Deputy Commissioner and Executive Director of the Premier’s Commission on Future Health Care for Albertans from 1985 – 1990. In previous years he was elected as President of the Alberta Medical Association and the Canadian Medical Association. Dr. McPherson has served as Director of Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), Biotec Canada and the Alberta Biotech Association. He currently sits on the board of several public and private companies. He is an immuno-oncologist and has the following degrees and professional qualifications: FRACP (Australasian College of Physicians; FACP (American College of Physicians); and FRCP(C) Canadian College of Physicians.

Dr. McPherson earned his medical degree from the University of Alberta, Canada in 1962, and his PhD from the University of Melborne in Australia in 1969.