Partnership Opportunities

IR2Dx actively partners with commercial laboratories, health systems, payers and other companies. We also collaborates with clinicians and academic researchers on various research projects. IR2Dx continues to be interested in partnering with the following groups:

Commercial Laboratory Licensees

IR2Dx is seeking a limited number of partners in the U.S. and markets overseas who are interested in offering TIGAR™ to clients under license from IR2Dx. We offer a web portal access to upload data sets for interpretation of results with personalized clinical decision support. Patents for our lead products have already issued in the U.S. and Europe, and further applications have been filed in major markets like India and Australia. Our company provides a extensive clinical data to support your product launch and ongoing marketing efforts. We seek laboratories with a history of successfully launching new product concepts, well-established immunoassay lab testing and scientific/sales and product support groups to support your customers in your proposed geographic market area.

Health System and Payer Licensees

IR2Dx is seeking a limited number of partners, including population management companies, integrated health systems, health insurance companies, government agencies, self-funded corporations, and other parties with financial responsibility for covered lives. The IR2Dx TIGAR™ analytical report product enables plans to provide optimal treatment for their diabetes patients, in turn reducing plan medical costs. In most cases significant savings can be realized in the first year. We seek payers with a history of successfully launching new product concepts and support staff for your covered lives.

Clinical Sites for Future Clinical Trials

IR2DX plans to conduct prospective clinical outcome trials with its future products, using sites across the globe to make sure our products meet the needs of different populations. We will be seeking laboratory/metabolic physician partnerships with a history of recruiting patients and running clinical trials using current Good Clinical Practices (cGCP). Partners must have access to a laboratory to run the required tests. If your institution has an interest in research and has large patient populations with either Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients or patients with existing risk factors for diabetes, we would be interested in exploring clinical site participation.

Research Collaborators

IR2DX is currently involved in research collaborations. We would be pleased to receive your proposal to collaborate on research to further our vision of bringing new biomarkers, assays, algorithms or analyses to market to help clinicians concerned with metabolic control. The research could focus on early diagnosis of patients with deteriorating metabolic control and prevention of conversion to diabetes, or enable better, earlier treatment for optimal health in patients who already have diabetes.
We are particularly interested in projects and potential products that allow the clinicians to obtain results with protein markers that add value to our current analytical reports. These reports aid clinicians through test procedures that can be run in any standard diagnostic immunoassay laboratory, followed by analyses of the pattern of results.

Licenses for Fully Automated Random Access Immunoassay Analyzers

IR2Dx plans to add a select number of non-exclusive laboratory system partners to develop the markers used in the TIGAR™ report on their automated systems, and to launch the diagnostic tests in global markets, using our patents and other proprietary clinical data under license. Individualized treatment guidance and marketing support to test users would be provided to support your successful launch and ongoing marketing efforts. If you have an interest in expanding your sales reach, in the area of metabolic syndrome and/or patients with pre-existing Type 2 diabetes mellitus, please contact us. We are looking for a small number of partners who have a large instrument installed base in major markets across the globe, and have a fully automated, random access instrument capable of running between 50 and 300 plus tests per hour.

Test Platform Partners, Distributors, and Marketing Partners

IR2Dx intends to develop its own proprietary instrument software and companion diagnostic test panels to complement its analytical reporting system, TIGAR™, and better meet the needs of laboratories and clinics. The instruments and chemistry will be developed by exclusive test platform partners for our use with our test panels.

We are presently seeking distribution and marketing partners, in various regions, or on a global basis, for our proprietary analytical reports based on regulatory approved assays. If you have an interest in a specific territory and have an existing diagnostic presence in a specific region, please see Contact Us to explore potential alliances.

If you’re interested in further information on partnership opportunities, please contact our VP Business Development, Robert Aubrey at