Benefits of TIGAR™ Product

The multi-marker TIGAR™ results and analysis can provide clinicians with a much more accurate view of which of aspects of the patient’s condition are of most concern. The analysis provides significantly more disease information than the individual tests, and can be used for treatment guidance at all stages of the disease.

IR2Dx’s first products are based on multiple proprietary algorithms, pattern analyses, and content rules for interpretation of a selected set of biochemical markers and patient descriptors. The markers provide accurate assessment of the abnormal underlying biochemical pathways driving diabetes and related disease. This allows personalized treatment guidance at all stages of impaired metabolic regulation, including diabetes.

Our algorithms classify and monitor therapeutic response in individual patients based on major underlying conditions:

  • Insulin resistance
  • Insulin insufficiency
  • Beta-cell stress and function
  • Adipose tissue activity
  • Cardiovascular inflammation
  • Stage of pharmaceutical therapy
  • Average blood glucose levels
  • Renal function

Please see our Patient Examples to see how the IR2Dx products may be used.